15 for 15

Happy day after New Year’s! So keeping in with the tradition of every year since I have been blogging here is this year’s resolution wish list: Things I hope to focus on and do this year, hopefully at the end of the year I will report being more focused then in years past 🙂

1) To communicate honestly and clearly to mike


2) Read bible and pray daily


3) Blog weekly


4) Create a fitness website with online manuals


5) Be an attentive mom


6) Create and maintain a comfortable organized home


7) Master a food planning day


8) Compete in a fitness competition


9) Run the green island 4 miler


10) Quality time not quantity with my family, friends and community


11) Be budget friendly and save


12) Make weekly time with the family (parents, brother, etc) for Maddie


13) Biweekly date nights with mike


14) Daily count my blessings


15) Read at least one book a month


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a mini 2014 update

once again i find myself nearing the end of another year realizing i posted very little this year. i do love to blog but found very little time for it or rather i made very little time for it. looking back i wonder what i spent all my time doing instead, and being as forgetful as i am im not really sure, hahaha. i wouldn’t say it was a bad or unproductive year though. in fact i think it was a great year. i started Personal Training which is going pretty well, i enjoy my clients and the other trainer i work with and i still continue to learn a lot. Mike likes his new job and it keeps him very busy. we’ve been on a few vacations and have updated our house quite a bit but probably the most exciting news is shortly after my last post i became pregnant although i didn’t find out till about March. In fact Mike and i are anticipating her arrival any day now that she’s about 5 days over due but thats ok. i dont mind because it gives me time to enjoy some down/home time which im not really use to. im looking forward to meeting this new little person and enjoying the holidays with her. i am starting to get sick of all my own company but am really too exhausted or achy to do much of anything other than some house stuff, eating 🙂 and walking with the dog. so not a bad year at all and i have a feeling that next year will be even more exciting and honestly i can’t wait…

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The unresolute resolution.

I've been asked a lot lately what my 2014 new year resolutions are and I've had a hard time answering that question. Probably for a few reasons: 1) I always have goals for myself rolling around in my head regardless of the time of year 2) I don't wanna come up with the same resolutions everyone else is just to do it. Hate peer pressure 3) I have so many unfinished ones from last year 4) I wanna focus more on quality of life vs quantity of things to do.

What does all that mean and how does it translate in my head? It means I want to complete my unfinished 2013 goals.

1) Become a Personal Trainer: well I did that now I want to continue to work on it and transition from shadowing to training. I feel like I'm close!

2) Be healthier and a stronger runner: last year I was unable to run a marathon due to injuries and health. This year I'm running smarter. Weight training, strict diet and sticking to a routine. Lots of hard work.

3) Read the bible in a year and journal daily. Last time I did that I had to for college. Now I'm using Youversion, having emails and reminders sent to me. So far so good but I'm only on the second day.

4) Finish all the books I started in 2013 and there's a lot of them! I'm trying to focus more on nonfiction. My first two are fitness books.

5) Learn to say no: when an opportunity comes along I would always say yes. Always. Which means life for me (and poor Mike) is generally crazy cause I don't pass anything up. Saying no now doesn't mean I won't get the opportunity later it just means I can't do everything right at this moment well and I want to do a few things very well rather than a lot of things poorly. Quality vs quantity. Within the last 24hrs I've said no twice which is quite the accomplishement for me.

I'm still thinking on more (I would really like to get my motorcycle license and learn how to swim as well but maybe I'll add those as half year resolutions :)) but I'll leave it here for now so I can apply my fifth resolution 🙂


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Last year I was introduced to weight training. Before that I had done a little bit with Jillian Michael's videos but I'm not really sure that counts as the most weight I picked up was 10lbs and I never really touched a barbell before.

Years earlier I had fallen in love with running. I started to do that because I wanted to lose weight and it was the easiest, cheapest and best uncoordinated exercise I could come up with. Over the years I've done some Yoga and Pilates. I see the benefits of both but don't love them as much as running as a standalone workout.

When I decided to become a personal trainer I was original thinking it would be running focus but when I started at fleet feet that all changed, ironically enough, where I was introduced to a weight trainer. Strength coach. Call him whatever but he believes in moving well, then often and heavy. I was just super excited to meet a personal trainer who's brain I could pick.

He invited me to join the free lifting that was available to all Fleet Feet employees and I thought why not. At the time I hadn't done any research on the benefits of strength training for runners. Well the first class kicked my butt. I was sore for days. Then I went to the gym with him and did his routine. I don't think I could move my legs for a week. I would have thought as a runner I was strong. Ehhhh. Just the opposite. From that time on I have been hooked. Being sore didn't deter me. Just the opposite. It motivated me to go to the gym and hit the weights every time. I don't want to be weak.

This was in October. It's only been a few months but since then I have noticed a difference in my running and life. It's easier and I feel stronger. So I don't understand why there is a disconnect between running and lifting. I think every runner can benefit from strength training. Initially it's uncomfortable but I've noticed a huge difference by sticking with it. I might not always love a routine during a workout, I think I've told the trainer I'd punch him in the face a few times, but I sure do love how I feel after.

Plus as a runner we don't realize how much we are wearing down our joints and depleting our muscles, by strength training we are working on our flexibility and mobility. It's not just about lifting heavy things. It's about lifting them the right way for your body.



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Good riddance 2013

I'm not going to miss last year very much. It wasn't my toughest year ever but it definitely ranks up there with a lot of lows and changes. Right off the bat in January I left a 2 yr part time job at a chiropractor's office. It was just too much for me. Shortly after that my mim’s (French for grandmother) Alzheimer’s became much worse causing her to be in and out of hospitals and nursing homes, mid-year she passed away. In April I decided to follow a lifelong dream and went through certification to be a Personal Trainer. In the summer started, at the time what I thought would be a part time job, with Albany Fleet Feet that turned into a full time job. Leaving a very reliable job and coworkers I loved being with to go into an uncertain field. An old family friend lost his battle to cancer, watch a close friend fight against breast cancer, and a childhood friend continue her’s against Leukemia. A friend was killed unexpectedly in a car crash. Mike took a huge leap to leave his old job and take on a new one. On top of that this was a bad year health wise for me, I was constantly sick and injured which made my running hard and left me unable to do many races, never mind a marathon. Not only does that put me off physically but also mentally. Needless to say we are starting 2014 with a lot of changes and recovering from an emotional year mixed with the anticipation and excitement of the year to come. 2014 should be interesting in the very least as I'm nervously eager to start training and Mike stresses to learn a lot in a short period of time.

Peace out 2013, 2014 bring on all your glitter and newness. Let's do this year…


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Summer Running Love

Summer is in full swing here in upstate NY and so is my training running schedule. I’ve been asked a lot lately about running and why i stick with it. i’ve learned over the years if i don’t enjoy something im not gonna stay with it and despite popular belief some people do actually like to run… even long distance 🙂 so here’s a list of my favs:

1) time of year: early summer or fall mornings…. also having summer off from school offers me the most time to train.
2) music: Spotify. im in love with how i can listen to anything i want and have made multiple playlists within the last week or so. i really enjoy running to Maroon 5’s new album: Overexposed.
3) pre-run eat: multigrain blueberry muffins made with greek yogurt and egg whites.
4) post-run eat: Trader Joe’s Soy protein shake mixed with almond milk, coco powder, bananas and peanut butter.
5) drink- water with a ‘lil salt, lemon juice, mint leaves and lemons.
6) route: my destination. there’s a feeling of accomplishment when i run home from church or run to church, grocery store, work, etc. i do feel bad for those who have to smell me after and i try to remove the road scent… here’s hoping im successful.
7) the sun: i love running with the feeling of the sun on my back, face, arms, etc. it feels like productive tanning and im sure the sweating plays a healthy part in the mix.
8) smells: bodies of water. any kind (well not the kind found at landfills). ive run along rivers, lakes, oceans, ponds, etc. i think every type of water this year and i love the smell of the water and breeze that hits my face… just not the smell of the ones next to the dumps.
9) my iphone: this is to me what a swiss army knife is to a camper. i track my time with it, listen to music, lighten my way if i need to, distract deer (it’s true), if there was only a water and food app…
10) clothes: Under Armour anything… they fit me the best and last forever. I love my compression shorts. i feel a huge difference when i dont wear them.
11) sights: I’m easily in the zone during a race but on my training runs i pay a lot of attention to my surroundings and im happiest when there’s a lot of people and things around. ive seen a lot on my runs: couples making out, people fighting, families playing together, cars broken down with a good samaritan stopping to help, strangers offering me water and food, cows staring at me and dogs chasing me…. i dont think ive had a dull run yet.
12) A plan. if you want to meet a goal you need to have a plan and why make one when there’s so many pre-made ones out there? im obsessed with Runner’s World and am using their intermediate marathon training plan found in June’s issue to prepare for the October Marathon in DC. they have training plans for whatever your goal is: 5k, 15k, half or full marathon or even if you are just a basketball player… so go check it out and find your own favorites.  🙂

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your PR isn’t worth tripping me

Throwing an Elbow

Throwing an Elbow (Photo credit: notanyron)

Yes, i might have yelled that this past Sunday during the Lake Placid Half Marathon. pretty sincerely i might say, not trying to be snotty.  im as competitive as the next person/runner but, seriously, turning me into smashed salsa doesn’t prove that you are fast, just clutsy. the more races i run the more i notice how unaware runners are of their space usage or maybe they just dont care. not sure. i really dont think anyone care mores about breaking their PR (personal record) then hurting another… just that they are very focused on what they are doing… i wish there was someway they could give warning or put on a directional. Maybe, like bikers, they should be required to use hand signals… and the you’re #1 sign doesn’t count 😉 So let’s keep those elbows tucked in, look when moving ahead, and try not to stomp but glide… running is a gliding sport… yup.

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